Rated from 1 to 5 stars. ᴍᴘ means master piece.

-Act of Defiance

·Birth and the Burial (Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★★⋆
·Old Scars, New Bounds (Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★★⋆

-Arctic Monkeys
·Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (Indie Rock) ★★★★
·Favourite Worst Nightmare (Indie Rock) ★★★★★
·AM (Indie Rock) ★★★★☆
·Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Indie Rock) ★★★★☆

 ·The Metal Opera, Pt. 1 (Power Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Farewell
 ·The Metal Opera, Pt. 2 (Power Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: The Seven Angels.
 ·The Scarecrow (Power Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: The Scarecrow
 ·Ghostlights (Power Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Let The Storm Descend Upon You

-Black Sabbath
 ·Black Sabbath (Heavy Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Warning
 ·Master of Reality (Heavy Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Into the Void
 ·Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Heavy Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Fluff

-Blue Öyster Cult
 ·Blue Öyster Cult (Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: Then Came the Last Days of May
 ·Tyranny And Mutation (Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: 7 Screaming Diz-Busters
 ·Secret Teatries (Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: Astronomy
 ·Agents of Fortune (Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: (Don't Fear) The Reaper

-Bob Marley
 ·Catch A Fire (Regge) ★★★★★
 ·Exodus (Reggae) ★★★★★

 ·If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (Progressive Rock/Canterbury Scene) ★★★★★ 
 ·In the land of grey and pink (Progressive Rock/Psychodelic Rock/Canterbury Scene) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Nine Feet Underground

-Charles Bradley
·No Time For Dreaming (Soul) ★★★★
·Victim of Love (Soul) ★★★★
(Soul) ★★★★☆
·Black Velvet 
(Soul) ★★★★

-Daft Punk
 ·Random Access Memories (Disco) 

-David Bowie
 ·The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (Glam Rock/Proto-Punk) ★★★★★
 ·★Blackstar (Art Rock/Experimental Rock/Jazz) ★★★★★

 ·Sunbather (Blackgaze/Post-Rock/Post-Metal/Atmospheric Black Metal) ★★★★★
 ·Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Blackgaze/Post-Rock/Post-Metal) ★★★★★

 ·The Sound of Perseverance (Technical Death Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★★ 

 ·Glean (Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: Nobody

-Edge of Sanity
·Crimson (Melodic death metal/Technical death metal) ★★★★★

 ·Dreamboat Annie (Hard rock, Folk rock, Progressive rock) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Dreamboat Annie
 ·Little Queen (Hard rock, Folk rock, Progressive rock) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Barracuda

-Herbie Hancock
 ·Head Hunters (Jazz/Jazz Fusion/Jazz-Funk) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ

-Iron Maiden
 ·The Number of The Beast (Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Hallowed Be Thy Name
 ·Piece of Mind (Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: The Trooper
 ·Power Slave (Heavy Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 
 ·Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Moonchild
·The Book Of Souls (Heavy Metal) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Empire Of The Clouds

-Jason Newsted
 ·Metal (EP) (Heavy Metal) 
 ·Heavy Metal Music (Heavy Metal) ★★★☆ Best song: King of The Underdogs

-Jethro Tull
 ·Thick as a Brick (Progressive Rock) ★★★★★

-John Coltrane
 ·My Favorite Things (Modal Jazz) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ
 ·A Love Supreme  (Modal Jazz/Avant-Grade Jazz/Free Jazz) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ

-Judas Priest
 ·Painkiller (
Heavy/Thrash/Power/Speed Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Painkiller
 ·Firepower (Heavy Metal) 

 ·Vows (Art Pop) ★★★☆ 
 ·Golden Echo (Art Pop) ★★★
 ·Primal Heart (Art Pop) ★★★★☆

-King Crimson
  ·In the Court of the Crimson King (Progressive Rock) 
★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: 21st Century Schizoid Man
  ·Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Progressive Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: The Talking Drum
  ·Red (Progressive Rock) 
★★★★⋆ Best song: Starless

-Machine Head
 ·Burn My Eyes (Thrash Metal/Groove Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Davidian
 ·The Blackening (Thrash Metal/Groove Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Halo
 ·Unto The Locust (Thrash Metal/Groove Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Locust
 ·Bloodstone & Diamonds (Thrash Metal/Groove Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Now We Die
 ·Catharsis (Thrash Metal/Groove Metal/Nu Metal) ★★★☆ 

 ·Leviathan (Sludge Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Hearts Alive
 ·Blood Mountain (Sludge Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★★⋆ 
 ·Crack the Skye (Progressive Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: The Last Baron
 ·The Hunter (Sludge Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★★⋆ 
 ·Emperor of Sand (Progressive Metal/Heavy Metal) 
★★★★⋆ Best song: Jaguar God

-Marvin Gaye
 ·What's Going On (Soul/R&B) 
★★★★★ ᴍᴘ
 ·Let's Get It On (Soul/Funk)

-Marty Friedman
 ·Dragon's Kiss (Heavy Metal/Neoclassical Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★★ Best song:  Forbidden City
 ·Scenes (Progressive Rock/Ambient Music) ★★★★☆ Best song: Valley of Eternity
 ·Inferno (Avant-grade Metal) ★★★★ Best song: Undertow
 ·Wall of Sound (Avant-grade Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Miracle

-Mercyful Fate
 ·Melissa (Heavy Metal/Black Metal/Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ 
 ·Don't Break the Oath (Heavy Metal/Black Metal) ★★★★

Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! (Thrash Metal/Speed Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Mechanix
 ·Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? (Thrash Metal/Speed Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song:  Good Mourning/Black Friday
 ·So Far, So Good... So What! (Thrash Metal/Speed Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song:  In my Darkest Hour
 ·Rust in Peace (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Speed Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song:  Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
 ·Countdown to Extinction (Heavy Metal) ★★★☆ Best song:  Symphony Of Destruction
 ·Youthanasia (Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: A Tout Le Monde
 ·Cryptic Writings (Heavy Metal) ★★★☆ Best song:  Trust
 ·Risk (Heavy Metal) ★★☆☆ 
 ·The World Needs a hero (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal) ★★★☆☆
 ·The System Has Failed (Thrash Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★ Best song: Blackmail the Universe
 ·United Abominations (Thrash Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Sleepwalker
 ·Endgame (Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: Endgame
 ·Thirdteen (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal) ★★★☆ Best song: Public Enemy No. 1
 ·Super Collider (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal) ★★★☆☆ Best song: Kingmaker
 ·Dystopia (Thrash Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Fatal Illusion

 ·Kill Em' All (Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ Best song: The Four Horsemen
 ·Creeping Death (EP) (Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ 
 ·Ride The Lightning (Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: The Call of Ktulu
 ·Master of Puppets (Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Orion
 ·...And Justice for All (Thrash Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★⋆ Best song: One
 ·Metallica (Heavy Metal) ★★★★⋆ Best song: My Friend of Misery
 ·Load (Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★☆ Best song: Bleeding Me
 ·Reload (Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Fixxxer
 ·St. Anger (Shitty Metal) ★★☆☆☆ Best song: Frantic
 ·Death Magnetic (Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: The Day That Never Comes
 ·Beyond Magnetic (EP) (Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: all of them
 ·Lulu (Noise) ☆☆☆ -No. Just no.
 ·Hardwired... To Selfdestruct (Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal) ★★★☆☆ Best song: Halo On Fire

 ·Origin of Symmetry (Space Rock, Alternative Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: New Born
 ·Absolution (Alternative Rock, Art Rock) ★★★☆☆ Best song: Hysteria
 ·Black Holes and Revelations (Alternative Rock, Indie Rock) ★★★☆ Best song: Knights Of Cydonia
 ·The Resistance (Space Rock, Alternative Rock, Symphonic Rock) ★★★☆ Best song: MK Ultra
 ·Drones ★★☆☆ Best song: Psycho

-Neil Young
 ·Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Country Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: Down By the River

-Nick Johnston
 · Remarkably Human (Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Instrumental) ★★★★★

-Porcupine Tree
 ·Stupid Dream (Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock) ★★★★⋆ 
 ·Lightbulb Sun 
(Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock) ★★★★☆
 ·In Absentia (Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal) ★★★★☆ 
(Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal) ★★★ 

-Robin Trowner
 ·Bridge of Sights (Blues Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: Bridge of Sights

-Ryo Fukui
 ·Scenery (Jazz/Post-Bop/Cool Jazz/Modal Jazz) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ 
 ·Mellow Dream (Jazz/Post-Bop/Cool Jazz/Modal Jazz) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ 
 ·Letter From Slowboat (Jazz/Post-Bop/Cool Jazz/Modal Jazz) ★★★★⋆ 

-Okkervil River
·Black Sheep Boy (Indie Folk/Indie Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: For Real
·Appendix (EP) (Indie Folk/Indie Rock) ★★★★⋆ 
·The Stage Names (Indie Rock) ★★★★⋆ Best song: A Girl In Port
·The Stand Ins (Indie Rock) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Lost Coastlines
·I Am Very Far (Indie Folk/Indie Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: Your Past Life As A Blast
·The Silver Gymnasium (Indie Rock/Indie Folk) ★★★★⋆
·Away (Alternative/Indie Rock) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Call Yourself Renee
·In The Rainbow Rain (Alternative/Indie Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: Shelter Song
·New Blood (EP) (Alternative/Indie Rock) ★★★★☆

·Orchid (Progressive Death Metal/Black Metal) ★★★★ Best song: In Mist She Was Standing

·Morningrise (Progressive Death Metal/Black Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Blackrose Inmortal

·My Arms, Your Herease (Progressive Death  Metal) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: April Ethereal

·Still Life (Progressive Death Metal/Black Metal/Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Moonlapse Vertigo

·Blackwater Park (Progressive Death Metal/Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Blackwater Park

·Deliverance (Progressive Death Metal/Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Deliverance

·Damnation (Progressive Rock) ★★★★ Best song: Windowpane

·Ghost Reveries (Progressive Death Metal/Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Harlequin Forest

·Watershed (Progressive Death Metal/Progressive Rock) ★★★★  Best song: Hessian Peel

·Herritage (Progressive Rock) ★★★★ Best song: Famine

·Pale Communion (Progressive Rock) ★★★★ Best song: River

·Sorceress (Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal) ★★★★ Best song: Chrysalis

 ·Taking Over (Thrash Metal) ★★★★

 ·Riot! (Alternative Rock/Pop Punk/Emo Pop/Emo) ★★★
 ·Brand New Eyes (Alternative Rock/Pop Punk/Emo Pop/Emo) ★★★★Best song: The Only Exception
 ·Paramore (Alternative Rock/Power Pop/Pop Punk/Pop Rock/New Wave) ★★★★Best song: Future
 ·After Laughter (New Wave/Pop Rock/Synth-Pop/Power Pop) ★★★★ Best song: Hard Times

-Pink Floyd
 ·The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Psychodelic Rock/Experimental Rock) ★★★★☆ Best song: Astronomy Domine
 ·Atom Heart Mother (Progressive Rock/Experimental Rock) ★★★Best song: Atom Heart Mother
 ·Meddle (Progressive Rock) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Echoes
 ·Obscured by Clouds (Progressive Rock) ★★☆☆ 
 ·The Dark Side of The Moon (Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Time
 ·Wish You Where Here (Progressive Rock/Art Rock/Experimental Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song:  Shine on Your Crazy Diamond
 ·Animals (Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ Best song:  Sheep
 ·The Wall (Art Rock/Progressive Rock/Progressive Pop) ★★★★☆  Best song: Comfortably Numb
 ·The Final Cut (Art Rock) ★★★☆☆ 
 ·A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Progressive Rock I guess) ★★☆☆☆ 
 ·The Division Bell (Progressive Rock/Art Rock) ★★★☆☆ Best song: Marooned
 ·The Endless River (Ambient) ★★★☆ 

 ·Other Things (Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Djent) ★★★★★
 ·Sweet Nothings (Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Djent) ★★★★ 
 ·The End Of Everything (Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Djent) ★★★★☆
 ·Handmade Cities (Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Djent) ★★★★
 ·Sunhead (Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Djent) ★★★★★

-Roy Harper
 ·Stormcock (Progressive folk) ★★★★⋆ 

 ·Reign in Blood (Thrash Metal) ★★★★★ 
 ·Seasons in the Abyss (Thrash Metal) ★★★★
 ·Repentless (Thrash Metal)  ★★★☆ 

 ·Dopesmoker (Doom Metal/Stoner Rock) ★★★★★ 

 ·Superunknown (Grunge/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Stoner Rock) ★★★★★ 

-Steven Wilson
 ·Grace For Drowning (Progressive Rock/Experimental Rock/Jazz-Fusion) ★★★★☆
 ·The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)  (Progressive Rock/Jazz-Fusion) ★★★★ Best song: The Holy Drinker
 ·Hand. Cannot. Erase. (Progressive Rock) ★★★★ Best song: First Regret/3 Years Older
4 1/2 (Progressive Rock) (EP) ★★★★☆ Best song: Don't Hate Me
 ·To The Bone  (Progressive Rock/Progressive Pop) ★★★★☆ Best song: Detonation

-Stevie Wonder
 ·Talking Book (R&B/Soul/Funk/Jazz/Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: Superstition
 ·Innervisions (Soul/Funk/Jazz/Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: Higher Ground
 ·Songs In The Key Of Life (Soul/Funk/R&B/Avant-pop/Jazz Fusion) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ Best song: Isn't She Lovely

 ·Ember to Inferno (Thrash Metal/Metalcore) ★★☆☆ Best song: Pillar of Serpents
 ·Ascendancy (Thrash Metal/Metalcore) ★★★☆  
 ·The Crusade (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Progressive Metal/Speed Metal) ★★★
 ·Shogun (Thrash Metal/Melodic Death Metal/Progressive Metal) ★★★★⋆ Best song: Shogun
 ·In Waves (Metalcore/Thrash Metal/Groove Metal) ★★★☆ Best song:  In Waves
 ·Vengeance Falls (Heavy Metal/Melodic Metalcore/Thrash Metal/Metalcore) ★★★★☆ Best song: Strife
 ·Silence in the Snow (Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆ Best song: Until The World Goes Cold
 ·The Sin and the Sentence ★★★★☆

-Uriah Heep
 ·Demons and Wizards (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock) 

-Van Halen
 ·Van Halen (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal) ★★★★☆

 ·Queen II (Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock/Glam Rock/Art Rock) ★★★★☆
 ·Sheer Heart Attack (Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock/Glam Rock/Art Rock) ★★★★★ 
 ·A Night at the Opera (Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock/Glam Rock/Art Rock) ★★★★

 ·The Yes Album (Progressive Rock/Proto-Prog) 
★★★★★ Best song: Yours is no disgrace
 ·Fragile (Progressive Rock/Hard Rock) ★★★★★ Best song: Roundabout
 ·Close to the Edge (Progressive Rock) ★★★★★ ᴍᴘ
 ·Fly From Here (Progressive Rock) ★★★★☆ 

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