How to start... Filthy is probably the best thing on this album (when you get used to it).  Its like 'the Cry Me A River or Mirrors' of this album, but worse (half good), so you can imagina how is the rest. I'm not saying that Filthy is as good as thoose songs, because it isn't, it doesn't even approaches to them. At least it sounds 'weird' in a good way, I guess. Then you have Midnight Summer Jam, which is a pretty decent song, I actually enjoyed it, but like all the songs on this album, lyrics are repetitive, and some times they are TOO repetitive in an horrible way, they it tryes to be catchy, but it fails, you can make something catchy without saying the same sencence literally over an over without any real sense. Then there is nothing special from Man of the Woods to Wave, same shit. Then there is Supplies, which I don't know why, but its a fucking Trap song, so yeah, instant hate from me. Justin really tryed to make something new for his carrer, like trying to mix something more instrumentally with his electronic stlye, and he does it, but in the wrong way. All songs start like the same, it starts with a good 'beat' and you are like 'is this the definitive good song?' but no, it becomes that repetitve 'wannabe catchy' song that in the end it just fells borring and kinda dumb. I really see some effort from Justin, but its not enough, he wanted to 'Say Something' with this album, but it just fails. There is not all that bad, for example as I said, Filthy has that weird feeling that I like, Midnight Summer Jam its ok, Say Something at least sounds 'cool', Flannel is actually decent, Montana reminds me to Daft Punk with that bassline and style in general (probably the best song on the album apart from Filthy), Breeze Off the Pond is near as good as Montana but it feels like 'another JT song', and the rest its just more of the same I guess, or at least its how it feels for me. At the end this album could have been half short and I would give to it like a 6 or a 7 out of 10, but no, it  has too many songs and  half of them are just MEH or really near bad, like fucking Supplies. So yes, this album has a 5.5/10 for me.
Best songs on the album: Filthy, Midnight Summer Jam, Say Something, Montana.
Worst Songs: Sauce, Man of the Woods, Supplies.
Total songs: 16.
There is better music out ther, you can skip this album easy.


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