Hands down best Opeth album cover.

This said, this album is another step up in the evolution of Opeth's career in progressive rock. This is just a perfect album, there are no wrong lyrics, everything feels in the right place at the right moment, the production is 10/10, every single song sounds different but still focused on the album's theme (not a concept album). Even bonus tracks are really good, you need to listen to 'The Ward' and 'Spring MXMLXXIV' they are as good as any song on the album. I can't say what is bad/nice/good/beter, because everything on this album feels good to listen to it, in this album you can see the best Opeth evolution and I'll wait with hype to the next album, I'm expecting a masterpiece. Usually when I listen to an Opeth album for the first time, I don't enjoy it at all unil I listen to it more times and I finally understand everything on it, in this case I enjoyed everything at the first time, but then ,when I 100% get the album it makes me feel like I'm listening to an excelent album. I wonder what will Opeth is gonna do in the next album.

★★★★★ 𝕰𝖝𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖙  A masterful evolution since Heritage in their new wave of progressive rock. A must listen.

-Best songs: The Wilde Flowers, Will O The Wisp, Chrysalis, Strange Brew, Spring MXMLXXIV.

-Worst songs: the outro one, just because its the album ending and I want more. And the intro one because it sounds like the outro, and it makes me remember to the outro.

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