If this album get's a remake/remaster/just a good production, this is gonna be probably another Opeth masterpiece, in my opinion. The production here just doesn't make justice to how well written this album actually is, its just like any other Opeth album, but it sounds so 'bad' that some people doesn't even enjoyed it at all, but as you can see for the score, I did. This album starts with one of my favorite Opeth songs ever, its just a big hit, honestly I didn't expected nothing from this album, and I guess this is one of the reasons of why I enjoyed that much in the first listen compared to other Opeth albums, but it was not just a 1 listen album and then bye bye for ever, no, I keep listening to it, maybe not every day, but sure every week. And this is why I would love to see an actual good production and mixing of this album, because that's another problem, it has literally a mixing problem and its about Requiem, the song should have been longer, The Apostle in Triumph intro is part from Requiem, but the mixing guy/mixing program thought it was not, so there is another thing to fix more than just the production. I love to see the actual tabs of the songs and see how well both guitars play a different melody that in the end sounds like 1 guitar played by a guy that has 10 fingers in both hands if that makes any sense. I love how it has that variation, like actual Orchid colors, you can se here the most pure Opeth, with no evolution, just raw Opeth, and it has a lot of great ideas, one of them its Silhouette (written by the drum player Anders Nordin) or Requiem, for me its just like perfect transition songs, not a transition to some different stuff, just a transition, or like a moment to rest from Death/Black metal, becuase yes, I must say that this album has some Black Metal and Folk influences, and that's one of the things that I would love to see again, not the Black metal ones in specific, but Folk influences are always welcome. Overall this is another perfect enjoyable Opeth album with a mediocre to bad production and a mixing error. 
Extra: I recomend to learn Requiem if you are a beginner acoustic guitarrist, that's what I did and I love to play that. 

★★★★⋆ 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊 Fix the album and you'll have a masterpiece.

-Best songs: In The Mist She Was Standing, Forest of October, The Twilight Is My Robe.

-Worst songs: ---

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