Morningrise starts with one of my fav Opeth songs, Advent. Its just how an album needs to start, with the most enjoyable song, not the best, but the most enjoyable, at least in my case. Its like every opeth song, it has its heavy screamy deathly moments and its calmed ones. Then you have The Night and the Silent Water, wich starts as I said, super heavy death metal like, and then at the middle of the song becames a calmed one, but here perfectly crafted, wich becomes heavy again in an excelent progression, until the epic, depressing and calmed end. Then you have Nectar, wich in the begining sounds kinda weird, it sounds like if 2 songs where playing at the same time, until the bass solo that starts near to the beginning, so don't worry if that intro sounded kinda weird, I like the main riff and melody, and I must say, Mikael Åkerfeldt makes a perfect chord progression in every single song in every album, I don't know how he does that, but he has perfect chord progression in every album, and its cool to see how was the beginning and how he evolved, and it was excelent from the beginning, and stills excelent or even better. Then the song becomes one of the most epic Opeth songs with an excelent guitar solo, and its epic until the end with no pause and some bass slapping that is AMAZING. Another thing that I must say is how the bass sounds on this album, and it sounds loud and heavy, wich as a bassist its probably my fav album in terms of bass, sadly Mikael fired that bassist (Johan De Farfalla) just because he wanted the bass that way, loud and presencial. And well, we all know that guitarrists love a non-loud bass...  (Don't worry, that bassist was replaced by Martín Méndez, wich is a beast). Then you have the longest Opeth song, Black Rose Inmortal, and you will say 'oh its 20 minute long, you'll end tired when the song finishes' and my answer is NO! (if you like death metal obviusly), as all the songs here, it starts heavy as fuck, it sets a very good riff, it has another great bass line, it has its calmed moments and its heavy ones, its pure 20 minutes enjoyment, and as I already said, the calmed parts have a perfect chord progression, I wish I had this level of creativity, I think Mikael could make an a 100% acoustic album with only with chord progression in a classic guitar and it would be 10/10... (Just go to the minute 4:10 aprox, that shit is eargasmic, then 7:27 you have another eargasmic moment, this time a bass solo, that its followed by a guitar one) and the song ends with a hypnotizing melody. And finally you have To Bid You Farewell starts just as a progressive rock song, a calmed one until the minute 7, then you have some heavy guitar riffs, but without screamings, this is just an excelent ending to this perfectly crafted masterpiece of an album where you could write an entire book based in every song, every song has its oun feeling, but at the same time they feel like they have something in common, they are different but you 100% know that every song its in the correct album.

★★★★★ 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖕𝖎𝖊𝖈𝖊 This album could not have been done better.

-Best songs: Advent, The Night and the Silent Water, Nectar, Black Rose Immortal, To Bid You Farewell.

-Worst songs: ---

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