Uuh this is gonna be hard. This album got a lot of hate just because 'the lack of screams' on it, with I completly disagree, yeah, there are no screams, its more progressive rock than progressive metal, is that a bad thing? Hell no. This album has one of the most variated playlists on opeth albums ever, which is good and bad at the same time. Let's review song by song... The album starts with Heritage, just an intro to the album, nothing special, sounds good and that's all, but then you have The Devil's Orchard which its a perfect mix between progressive rock with something more heavier, like 'the old opeth' era, this song have its calmed moments and the heavy ones, and it didn't fails in both. Another thing that I love about this song and the entire album is the bass, it sounds really great and crazy (in a good way), and finally the song ends with a really really epic solo. Then you have I Feel The Dark which is probably one of my fav tracks on this album, I love to play it on bass while listening to it, it just chills me, and then, near to the end you have that little crazy moment that its just eargasmic at least for me (btw I played that song while  I was listening to it again to review it). Then you have Slither, this is just heavy progressive folk? I don't know, its just pure heavy all the song until the end, which it has a nice spanish guitar outro after all the heavyness of the song. Then you have Nepenthe, and its the opposite of Slither, this song is pure chill, and this song is probably one of the worst songs on the album, its good, but it just has a moment (1:25) that doesn't fit on the album, it feels weird in a bad way, still better than a lof of songs nowdays, and the end, and this is the first half, the second half its heavyer, not as much as Slither, it has the calmed moments too on the heavy part, and that's what I enjoy of the song, not because its heavy, its because is *good*, no jokes, its really good, I don't know why it has that moment in 1:25 that sounds like an anime emotive weird song. Then you have... Häxprocess, yeah, it has that name, and guess what... THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD SONG, one of the best in this album, its like Nepenthe but 100% better made, still has some edgyness, like every song on this album, but in this particular case I love how this song sounds, specially from 2:15 aprox, that dums+bass combination is perfection, sounds super prog rock like and a good way, not a pretentious random shitty one, its amazing.Then you have Famine, for me one of the best Opeth songs ever and my fav in this album, its just a perfect weird song and I love the touches that Alex Acuña (percusion) and Björn J:son Lindh (flute) adds, it just makes the song sound perfect (btw this song is 100% better in headphones). After that epic song, we have Lines in my Hand, and its not a deception after that, its a short song but a heavy onle, like Slither, it doesn't have anything really special, its just a song that you can enjoy (btw better than Slither) there is nothing to say here, just listen to it, its very enjoyable. After that you have another song that could be easily the best song on the album too, Folklore, its another song that starts as something more calmed, and progressively evolves into an epic heavy end. Then, the 3 last songs  are decent songs, but not as good at the rest ones (still enjoy them in specific mood). Overall this is a very good and underrated album. I didn't really enjoyed it until I listened to it like 7 or 8 times, its a hard album to listen, but if you put emfort you'll see that there are really good songs here, and no bad ones. The first time I listened to it I didn't even finished it, it was boring to me, but now I really really enjoy it and I'm pretty sure that in the future I'll remember this album as a classic one for me.

★★★★☆ 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊  Lyrics sometimes are kinda edgy, but overall this is a very enjoyable album with some hidden gems, including Bonus Tracks.

-Best songs: The Devil's Orchard, I Feel The Dark, Häxprocess, Famine, Folklore.

-Worst songs: Nepenthe in 1:25.

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