Greatest unexpected surprise of the year for sure. I went into this album without even knowing the genere of it and without knowing what's this band about. And damn, the feelings I had while I was listening to it where amazing. It gives me my favorite sensation, the melancholic one, and it delivers it with some good metaphoric poetry lyrics that really keep me thinking about them. And hey, that's not everything, instrumentally the album has a big range beween some quiet stuff like in 'Near' to the Black Metal growls. At the beginning I thought they don't really fit in this kind of music, but at the end I even enjoyed them even I'm not a fan of Black Metal scream style. For me this is what I call 'music', like this is my kind of jam, album with songs that are +10 minute long and don't feel repetitive thanks to that range of sounds that they can deliver, and it doesn't sounds like Opeth, but this kind of dynamism reminds me of it, and let me say, for me that's gold.

Best songs: all of them.
Wors songs: u kiddin'. 

I think anyone can enjoy this, with the elf growls included, its just too good. Definitely one of the best albums yet, and probably the best one in 2018.


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