Another great surprise! Best Judas Priest album since Painkiller, and that's a lot, 28 years have passed since that album. As I said, this album starts as strong as it ends, its just pure heavy metal from start to finish. There is no bad solo, no bad lyrics, no bad sound in general. Its art and its entertaining at the same time, this is for now the best metal album of the year. Also, Rob Halford sing as good as when it was young, don't ask me how because I don't really know, the album starts with one of his super screamings and I just got amazed how this 66 year old man can scream that loud without fucking dying. This is a 100% recomended album for everyone, there is literally nothing wrong with the album. If it doesn't have a perfect score its just because neither is it an innovative album, its just another Judas Priest album that sounds like Judas Priest and it sounds good in everything. Also it could have the problem of 'every sond sounds kinda the same', and its true, but not in a bad way, the sound is so good that I can aprove it.

Best songs: all of them.
Wors songs: there are no bad songs.

Recomended to everyone, specially to heavy metal fans obviusly, you'll 100% like this album.


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