What a good surprise, after Man of the Woods, this is a beautiful runray in a cloudy ugly day. The album has that feeling of a perfect mix between a good energy that makes you want to move and sometimes its just more vaporwave and chill, an its perfectly mixed. Nothing fells out of place. And something that I love is how weird all songs start, and how you end a song loving it. Not everything is perfect, sometimes lyrics are better than the music, and something music is better than lyrics, and Boxing Day just sounds weird, it didn't really enjoyed it. But then you have this beautiful gems like Negative Space, Ullswater, Opener and Shortcomings that makes this album reach a 9/10.
Best songs on the album: Negative Space, Ullswater, Opener and Shortcomings.
Worst Songs: Boxing Day (not a bad song I guess, its just too weird for me).
Total songs: 9
You can listen to the album perfectly, you'll probably enjoy it, but I think it isn't for everyone.


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