What a fucking great surprise. I usually don't really enjoy 'girl' vocals, just because I'm not used to it, in this is actually a pretty unique weird voice, I don't know if its just for the singing or the production, but it sounds weird. But I kinda enjoyed it. What makes this album a 9/10 its just how well the lyrics goes with the actual music. Sometimes lyrics are fun, sometimes are depressing and sometimes will provoque to you an existencial crisis,  and nothing feels 'artificial' or out of place. BUT there are some times, like in Rosebud for example, where the lyrics are more notable than the music, and this is why the album doesn't get a perfect score. It just impressed me how good everything sounds, the beat is perfect in every song and... And... Well, I guess that's all, there is not an extra depht to review here, at least for me, I just want to say that the lyrics can taken from different points of view so I will not make a really depht review of them because of that, because I probably understand something and you will understand something different, and that's an actual good point of the album. Oh and 'Time' its a fucking masterpiece, best song in 2018 so far and M.A.H made me smile.

Best songs: Velvet 4 Sale, Rage of Plastics, M.A.H., Time.
Worst songs: there are no bad songs here, but I guess 'Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say' and 'Triviata' aren't songs.
Total songs: 11
Album recomended to everyone, the beat is friendly and I'm sure you will 100% like the songs that I put on 'best songs'.

For the next time I would like to see less songs, but all of them with the quality of 'Velvet 4 sale' or 'Time', and the duration of 'Time'.


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