Here we have something completely different, something new. Does it mean its better? Does it mean its worse? Hard to decide honestly, its so different that you can't really compare to previous work, this is like a new era for Arctic Monkeys, like a reboot. Some people say that this is a poetic masterpiece and some people say that this is a borring flat album without musical emotions, just Alex Turner, not an entire band. And both sides are kinda true, there is something really special and maybe kinda unique too, but at the same time this is not Arctic Monkeys as a band, in this case all the music is composed just by Alex Turner unlike the previous albums where every song was composed by all the members of the band, and yeah, you can hear a 'downgrade', musically is more simple. This is not the best Arctic Monkeys album, and this is definitely not for everyone. For me this not an 8, but its not a 7.5, so its a solid 7.8/10

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